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Danielle Bianchi Golod

Danielle Bianchi Golod

Founder/CEO – College Admissions Made Simple, LLC

Phone: (512) 765-6430


College: Duke University

    High School: Menlo School
    Middle School: Castilleja

I have been in the college counseling and tutoring (SAT/ACT) business since 1998.  I began working with College Counseling Associates in Menlo Park, CA and while working with them, I also graduated from the Business Writing Center to refine my skills in editing and correcting essays. I have done rigorous work with students both one-on-one and in a small class atmosphere preparing them for the SAT and ACT. I enjoy helping students figure out their college career and future by getting to know them and aiding them in the competitive college process.  After doing some work with Mary Clarke/Reading Resources, I then started my own firm in 2003.  Growing up in the Bay Area, I am very well versed with the wonderful and competitive high school scene.  I attended Castilleja for junior high, Menlo School for high school and then onto Duke University.

Contact Danielle:

Direct Line: (512) 765-6430
Office: (512) 765-6760
Email: danielle@collegeadmissionsmadesimple.com

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