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ACT Tutoring

Whether you are struggling with one section or all four, I can help you increase your ACT scores in as little as one day.

I have helped hundreds of students see dramatic increases in their ACT test scores by working one-on-one to sharpen their strengths, nullify their weaknesses, and help them dominate the ACT test.  The ACT test has the steepest learning curve and once students master the ACT test taking techniques, they dramatically improve their score nearly every time.

With a fast learning curve, the ACT test affords most students the chance to increase their score in less time than with the SAT.  My preparation methods have helped a wide range of students from those with confidence issues, to those with learning disabilities, to those looking for a perfect score.

How My ACT Test Preparation and Tutoring Typically Works:

  1. I meet in-person in downtown Austin, TX, video conference (via Skype), or on the phone with parents and student to discuss the student’s background, planning, and goals for the ACT and college.
  2. We discuss what upcoming ACT test dates might be best for the student to prepare for and select one or more..
  3. We then choose a time to meet each week to work on test taking strategies, review homework assignments, and focus on any areas that I feel will best help each individual student.
  4. My system focuses on each student’s needs but will always include homework to be completed by the student before each appointment.  This allows us to spend our time together working through any difficult problems and concepts and focusing on strategies that have been proven to increase students’ scores when taking the ACT.

Recommended ACT Book

– This is written by the makers of the ACT and in my opinion is the best prep guide on the market.

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