Nearing the end of college application season!

Welcome to College Admissions Made Simple brought to you by Danielle Bianchi Golod.  Our goal is to help parents and students prepare for, understand, and enjoy the college admissions process.  This can be a tall order, but with some solid planning and deliberate work, everyone can enjoy this journey.

Help comes in a couple of ways.  Our resident expert Danielle Bianchi Golod offers private, one-on-one tutoring in person in Austin, TX or online via Skype or Facetime videoconferencing.  We also have a number of online courses and books available for a nominal fee.  All of our materials are designed to inform and then provide step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish each task.  Courses range from writing a memorable UC application essay (using the new 8 prompts) to our complete, step-by-step guides to prepare for college admissions for each year of high school.

Meet Danielle Bianchi Golod

Danielle Bianchi GolodDanielle is a veteran of college admissions and author of College Admissions Step-by-Step, the Personal Statement Blueprint, College Admissions At A Glance and more. She has been working one-on-one with students for over 17 years to help them build their weaknesses, cultivate their strengths, and achieve their college goals. She currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two children and works with students of all levels to help them achieve their college admissions dreams.

January Action Items


  • If you were DEFERRED/DENIED, you can still send in Dec and/or Jan scores
  • If you’ve been ACCEPTED to your 1st choice school, accept the offer and politely inform your other schools.  This helps students anxiously waiting on a waitlist!!
  • Follow directions on how to send your deposit (often by Jan 1st/Jan 15th).


  • Find the email that the school sent after receiving your application. Most give you a student ID or way to get your Application Status/Portal



  • Dec 10th ACT: Scores have been released
  • Next test Feb 11th, but this test is not likely accepted for seniors applying to college (please confirm)


  • Dec 3rd SAT/Subs: Scores have been released
  • Jan 21st SAT/Subs: Many schools WILL still accept these scores for regular decision (please confirm)

January deadlines (and beyond) for popular schools:

  • Want to apply to more schools? Plenty have Jan 10th, 15th, Feb 1st, March 1st and even May 1st deadlines

Specifics for some applicants:

  • Athletes: Continue to be proactive with all your (potential) coaches.
  • Drama/Art/Sing/Dance: Confirm audition dates & portfolio deadlines


  • Teacher Recommendation Forms: confirm they’ve been received by colleges.
  • Interviews: review/call about the specific process at your colleges/universities…Most happen Nov, Dec, Jan.
  • Financial Aid documents: the FAFSA, CSS, and other Financial Aid docs can take awhile to fill out, so start now.


  • Don’t let senioritis set in!  Colleges & universities can rescind offers/acceptances because of dropped grades…very detrimental to scholarships and athletic recruitment!


  • Send in housing applications for large public universities.

FACEBOOK/Social Media Pages

  • Check your Facebook/Social Media pages for any incriminating photos/writings.  If you don’t want your mother/grandmother to read/see it, then you don’t want colleges to either.

Application Essay Help

It’s application season, and that means the dreaded application essays.  But, don’t fret, Danielle is here to help with her proven techniques to help students write memorable essays quickly and easily.  Subject to Danielle’s availability, she can help you edit your application essays and personal statements to perfection. Please read her essay editing policies before ordering.


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