C.P. - Austin, TX
Application Essay Help

Thanks so much, Danielle. Xxxxx just adored working with you. You made essay writing actually enjoyable for her...which is a feat in and of itself!

-- CP - Austin, TX

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Thank you for coaching her through this process so successfully~! We cannot sing your praises enough. We are just thrilled that she will be a FROG! And stay in Texas! 🙂

--S.D (Austin, TX)

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There is no possible way that I can adequately express how much I appreciate the entire evening you spent with us tonight. You have read XXX completely & in a VERY SHORT time as far as I'm concerned…As we walked out of our session with you tonight he told me (unsolicited) that "that meeting was great!" which frankly is a miracle at this age if you know what I mean. You have established a tremendous relationship with him re: approachability, trust, etc and I cannot thank you enough. Your assessment of XXX’s essays were "right on." YOU ARE THE BEST!

--L.K. (Austin, TX)

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This could not have been accomplished without your professional services. We are most grateful to you for mentoring him through the process.
Wishing you and your family all the best!


--V.S. (Menlo Park, CA)

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I really appreciate all the counsel and advice, Danielle. We (all) could not have done this without you. You brought out the best in our daughter. Your process is incredible and it really works. I just told 5 more friends about you.

--LY (Austin, TX)

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Thank you so very much Danielle,

your expertise and help is invaluable...You have no idea how much you’ve done for him in so many ways. It’s the intangibles.

--K.K. (Austin, TX)

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I was encouraged and comforted hearing your observations regarding XXX’s writing style and what was missing. XXX and I totally agree!!! And honestly, he will only listen to you.

--C.S (Austin, TX)

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I understand we pay a substantial fee AND that you have been doing this for many years, BUT it is remarkable how you keep ALL of these applications for one student organized, let alone 30+ seniors!


Students like A---- or J--- B---- who have one target school make the process seem much more bearable. Haha

Thank you,

-- Kelly (Albuquerque, NM)

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I love you Danielle, don't know how to say it otherwise---you are amazing at what you do and how you do it.

J----, so different than W------, and thank you for recognizing and respecting them for how different they are!! Yet they each felt how much you supported them with their strengths and challenged them with their weaknesses---very tough to do.

I feel very good about everything going on with James and he does too---I can just tell—

--L.B Austin, TX

S.C. - San Jose, CA
Application Essay Editing

Thanks for the great feedback. You are making this essay process so much more manageable. I really appreciate your patient feedback and insightful comments. They have made a big difference.

--SC - San Jose, CA

R.D. - Washington, D.C.

Hi Danielle,

How are you doing? I'm sure you're deeply entrenched in essays and applications. XXX was just home for fall break. He is super happy at NYU; has a nice group of pals and is enjoying his Gallatin classes.

--R.D. (Washington, D.C.)

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Thanks for your help. You made a huge difference and provided XX a tremendous learning experience.

--S.O (Austin, TX)