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Professional application essay editing by Danielle Bianchi Golod in Austin, TX or via Skype.

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It is always best to have someone read over your college application essays to give you feedback on how you are presenting yourself to admissions readers.  Even with a person you trust, editing your own application essay can be challenging.  I cover many techniques to help with editing your own application essays in the Personal Statement Blueprint, however many of my students ask if I can help them edit their essay.

Each year, I have a limited amount of time (especially during application season) to review and edit people’s essays.  If you are interested in having me edit your college application essay, please read more about how I work below.

My Essay Editing Process

  1. I start by having students send me a copy of the application essays that they would like me to help edit via email or shared drive.
  2. I send back an estimate of how much time I feel it may take to complete their essay(s) as well as some general comments.  Some essays can take 30 minutes, some much longer.  It depends on the essay.
  3. I ask that you then pay for a certain amount of time so that I can begin work.
  4. I begin editing and provide specific comments.

Essay Editing FAQ

How long does it take for you to turn around each essay?

Each essay is different and how far along the student is (1st draft, 2nd draft, etc) with their essay(s).  However, I typically return an essay with specific comments within 24-48 hours.  I know how stressful this time can be and I make every effort to turn around essays quickly.

How much time does it take to edit a typical college application essay?

Each essay is different, as is every student.  Some essays can take 30 minutes, others can take a few hours.  It depends on your particular situation.  Send me your essay and I can estimate how much time I think it will take.

How much do you charge to edit essays?

I currently charge $250 an hour to edit application essays.

Can you edit transfer application essays / personal statement essays / supplemental questionnaire essays?

Yes.  I have helped hundreds of students with all types of application essays (including personal statements, common application essays, supplemental college application essays, etc)

How To Get Started

  1. Contact Danielle via email or phone(512) 765-6430 to see if she has availability to help edit your college application essays.
  2. Danielle will respond within 24 hours (usually within a few hours) to let you know if she can help edit your essays and how to proceed.

What Kinds of Essays Can You Help With?

  • Personal statement essays
  • Supplemental essays for the common application
  • College transfer application essays
  • UC personal insight essays
  • UT application essays

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