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A Guide for Prepared Parents

How to Stand Out

Good grades and scores alone don’t make a student stand out.

Making Students 3D

The right summer activities can help build his/her story and bring them to life/3D. Especially for schools that don’t allow interviews, essays, and/or teacher recommendations.

Show Don’t Tell

You are not trying to impress people, you are trying to show people who you are, what makes you tick, or specific parts about you

Misconceptions About Good Grades

There are a ton of students with the same or similar numbers.  Many students are trying to get great grades and scores…it isn’t an anomaly anymore to have great grades and scores.

What Makes Students Different

The differentiating criteria are the outside (school) activities, essays, interviews, portfolios, and teacher recs.

How Summer Activities Can Help Your Child

How to make my child unique, tell their story, and still have fun each summer.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Summer programs fill up quickly and you need to schedule far in advance

Spots in programs are filled on a first come first served basis…not a lottery after the deadline…the early bird gets the worm.

Get Backup

Have a backup plan if you get waitlisted / Apply to more than one

Don’t Follow the Crowd

Don’t do stuff with a bunch of friends / people from your high school

Get Prepared

Students might need recommendations from teachers / may need them at the same time teachers are filling out recs for seniors

Summer Enrichment FAQ

What summer activities look best to colleges?

What is a good resume builder?

Does it matter if my child takes a trip to do service work or does it locally?

Is it best to join National Charity League or pick my own service work

Finding the Right Summer Programs

Parents want their kids to do whatever benefits them the most in the eyes of admissions officers when they apply to college

Engineering Programs

Pre-Med Programs

Community Service / Rustic Pathways

Faith Based Programs / Vacation Bible School

Sports Camps

Politics & Leadership

National Youth Leadership Forum

Academic Enrichment Programs



Language Immersion

Creative Writing



Talent Search & College Credit Programs



Creative Writing & Journalism

Studio Arts

Visual Arts

Theater Arts

Job / Internship / Mentorship / Shadowing Opportunities

Plain Ole Summer Camp

Personal Growth Programs / Outward Bound / NOLS

Custom Summer Programs / Build Your Own




Using summer activities to showcase your child

Free for Parents

What every parent needs to know about summer activities before your child starts high school

The best summer program for your child isn’t the one you think colleges want to see

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