What to Bring to the SAT / ACT on Test Day

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Test Preparation

[symple_box color=”gray” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””]Something many students fail to do is think about is what to bring with them on the day of the SAT or ACT test. They have done multiple practice tests for many months, but lose confidence and focus if they aren’t fully prepared on Saturday morning. This list will help make sure you are prepared on test day and not stressing because you forgot something like a calculator.[/symple_box]

Test Day Checklist

  1. Registration slip (print off of SAT/ACT website)
  2. Directions to test center
  3. Calculator (extra batteries if you think you’ll need them)
  4. Approved calculators:
    1. four-function calculator
    2. scientific calculator
    3. graphing calculator
  5. Stopwatch for your desk—digital with NO BEEPING—stopwatch is not mandatory, but useful instead of having to look up at the clock or rely on the proctor to tell you the time left.  My students have always told me they wished they had a stopwatch on test day.
  6. Two sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers
  7. Student ID
  8. Food—something nutritious & easy to eat—a banana or energy bar is usually best
  9. Drink—water/Gatorade/flavored water
  10. Tissues
  11. Social security number (optional)
  12. Email address (optional)
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