College Admissions At A Glance – Online Edition

A desktop guide to college admission for parents.
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Parents’ Guide to Applying to College

What advice do we have for parents who are trying to learn more about the steps necessary to apply to college today?  Read this book!  College Admissions at a Glance was written to be a quick reference for parents of high school children who need a “cheat sheet” for preparing their children for college admission.  Each year of high school is broken down into two parts and Danielle Bianchi Golod takes you through the most important items parents need to consider.  There are also sections for student athletes, children with learning disabilities, the SAT and ACT, and financial aid.  While this is not intended to provide answers to every questions parents might have about preparing for college admission, it is a quick reference for parents to make sure their students are on the right track or as a great introduction to the steps that lie ahead.

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